The Manliest Picture in the World

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Nice parking, sir

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george November 1, 2010 at 10:11 am

Yup, me and BillyBob were just driving down this here road when a bright light lit up this here trucks cab. Next thing I knows is there’s this little grey lookin critter pokin’ sumthin up my rear highway. “Shoot man,” I tell that little dude, “that there is an exit not an entry.” Well he just a keeps on shovin and I black out and wake up in the truck up here in that there tree. I found out I was up in the tree when I opened the door and fell out. I still feel a little woozy. A tad violated too if ya know what I mean. I aint seen BillyBob around tall. Last time I seen him he was screamin bloody murder. They had one of them things up his kazooty too. You shoulda seen the look on his face.

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