Change Has Come To America

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Condoleezza Rice – talking about the size of George W. Bush’s private member. (Yeah, she knows cause she worked in the White House)

Michelle Obama - knows the size of Barack Obama's johnson

Michelle Obama needed to take both her hands to show how Barack Obama differs from Bush.

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Sozdel August 5, 2015 at 2:13 am

I can’t stand Facebook, for a simple roesan: none of my friends seem to be able to post anything whatsoever that is remotely interesting! Their only interest seems to be to include inane photographs taken 20 years ago of their trip to wherever, or telling me they are at a restaurant with someone or other, or even some stupid American-ism, TELLING me to post it and like it to show how much I love my mom or someone else. People seem to think I am interested in this drivel. I am NOT! I am interested to know if they have married, met someone special or if someone close to them dies or is unwell. That way, I may offer my congratulations, condolences or anything else that is appropriate. I’d still rather do so in person, but with people all leading such busy lives (and the rest) nowadays, they just can’t find the time to come and meet up with me! Social networking has become the modern way of allowing us to keep certain people at arm’s length, but letting them think we are friends, because they are contactable via the Internet. That is cheap!For young people, they always take the easy option (that’s in their nature) and it is up to their parents etc to encourage them into the realm of reality. I’m afraid it is the same with computer games: evidence may be sparce (probably due to the amount of money someone’s making out of them), but if we constantly take ourselves out of reality, by whatever means, getting in to it is going to be difficult.I’ve lived most of my life in a percieved bubble due to my upbringing. I’m desperately trying to get out of it and be a real person again. I know I won’t ever achieve that by isolating myself and only using social networking sites to communicate.Besides, I like people! They annoy me, inspire me, anger me and sometimes like me. I can never find that on a social network site; it’s too much like being a motorist: everyone scowling and feeling they can get away with anything they like, because they are in a steel cage!

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